Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What i am up to...touched down in Jerusalem

So, i have touched down in Jerusalem. It's been extremely good so far, done a lot of visiting to schools and teachers and talking shop. This has coincided with my Master's Developing Researcher Competence module which so far has been very good and thought provoking. I can certainly feel the growth in my researcher competency, though there is quite alot of procedural crossover with other modules, in particular related to the brainstorming and focusing a topic for investiagation. For this module I am encouraged to write a researcher journal about my progress (or lack there of). This journal has some overlap with what's going on in this space, my blog. However, I shan't bother you with the details other than to say I have decided to focus my pilot study on English language teacher education, and find out more about how context affects a teacher's professional development. My research question is what does an English teachers think about their professional development opportunities and activities?
My hunches are multiple, but I imagine that I will find out that CPD activities are limited, and afforded by features of context. I also imagine that I will find out about people's views of outside organisations, and the work they do.