Sunday, May 1, 2011

Language Education as Intercultural Practice

I wanted to introduce the fact that I have learnt something. Well, a couple of things. The first thing I think I know is, that what seems like summative feedback can in fact be formative feedforward, it just needed acting on. I got some feedback on an essay in January and I was a bit disappointed with my grade. I then prepared a workshop version of this essay for ISTEK in April and sought feedback on my project from the teachers. I now have an opportunity with ATEL (Association of Teachers of English Lebanon), they asked me to lead a workshop for them in May in Beirut. This opportunity comes with the added bonus of them hosting my paper on their website / newsletter. Hurray! These various steps have been crucial stimulus for me to rework the original paper. The process of doing so has meant that the learning from that module has spread over nearly nine months. I imagine that now intercultural aspects of language education have established themselves in my praxis, they will stay.

My second point is, redoing, and rewriting is a powerful process that has left me with the sense of pride and a wish to share again my essay and materials. Warning, the following may be dull if you are not interested in:

a. Interculturality
b. Bulgaria
c. Roma
d. One teachers attempts at world peace

The link for my MA essay is here.

Now, I just need to get back into an educational context (i.e find some work) to trial and implement my new intercultural understandings...hmmm...


  1. Hi Ed! Glad to see the blog up and running and very sorry to admit I haven't been tuning in. Still, it seems you're keeping yourself very busy and motivated. I should take note myself. Thanks for the posts, you have some interesting comments here and I'll be back to pore over them in greater detail soon. BTW, what was your feedback on this essay, I'd be interested to know.
    Take care and stay safe!
    I'll be back,

  2. Hi Em
    thks for the shout. Please do enjoy at your leisure. Your help scored me a fine grade.